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DRMS Coordinator
Nancy Presser, ext. 832
DRMS Specialist
Irshad Stolden, ext 831
Resource and Call Coordinator
Nina Peay, ext 830
Rebuilding Greenville Resource Center Coordinator
Lara Wheeler, ext 833

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PRS offers a variety of immediate, short-term and long-term assistance to survivors of natural disasters, including the Dixie Fire of 2021. Our Disaster Resource Management staff can assist you with clarifying your needs, identifying resources and assistance to meet those needs, and applying for aid, as appropriate. You guide the process in terms of what help you would like to access. Assistance available can include, but is not limited to:

  • household goods, clothing and emergency food
  • heating assistance and supplies to insulate living arrangements against the elements
  • names and contact information for organizations providing additional support
  • connections and referrals to other PRS and non-PRS services (including those not specific to disaster recovery)
  • simple and complex case management to support those looking to rebuild their homes and their lives after a disaster
  • assistance navigating local, state and federal aid programs

Our staff is local, connected to the community, well trained, and trauma-informed. This means they offer their help with an understanding of the area, what our communities have gone through, and an approach that promotes healing and recovery.

Affected by the Dixie fire? Looking for ways to help? Join the Rebuilding Greenville Resource Center Facebook Group page.

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The Plumas County Dixie Fire Resource Sheet linked below is updated frequently to provide information on all resources available to victims of the Dixie Fire.

Dixie Fire Information

Emergency Hardware and Home Goods Donations Needed

Emergency Hardware and Home Goods Donations Needed

The Rebuilding Greenville Resource Center is looking for donations of the following items. These items will go to those displaced by the Dixie Fire. Ice Cleats for shoes flash lights LED lant…

FEMA Fact Sheet: Beware of Fraud and Scams

FEMA Fact Sheet: Beware of Fraud and Scams

Survivors should be aware that con artists and criminals may try to obtain money or steal personal information through fraud, scams and identity theft. In some cases, thieves try to register w…