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Early Start Family Resource Center

is a service that provides resources and support to families with infants and toddlers age birth to three who are, or may be at risk, for disabilities or developmental delays. 

  • Parent-to-parent support or caregiver support with outreach, information, and education resources for families of children with special needs.
  • Support for parents/caregivers to connect to child care resource and referral services.
  • Support groups, events and workshops for training opportunities to build families ability to support their child with special needs.
  • Supporting parents/caregivers with the transition between Independent Family Service Plan (IFSP) from the regional center to the Independent Educational Plan (IEP) from the school district.
  • Early Start Family Resource Center primarily focuses on children 0-3, but we also support any individual with a disability up to age 22 in our Family Empowerment Center as well as adults with disabilities in our ALIVE program.
  • The Early Start Family Resource Center has opportunities for parents/caregivers for leadership, input, volunteering, and giving to enhance and support the services.      
  • Connecting parents/caregivers to local service agencies for collaboration and support as needed.
  • Our services are available to any family that has a residence in Plumas County.

Who is eligible for Early Start Family Resource services?

Children age birth to 3 years old with a developmental delay in one or more area such as physical, cognitive, communication, social/emotional and self-help. For more information go to California Department of Developmental Services Early Start/ Early intervention website: https://www.dds.ca.gov/services/early-start/

Transition at age 3

At age three your child will have completed Early Start. What happens after will vary based on the child’s need. If your child needs to continue services they will transfer from the Independent Family Service Plan (IFSP) plan from the regional center to an Independent Education Plan (IEP) at the school district. This process can be confusing at first, but we at Plumas Rural Services are here to help support you every step of the way.  Information in link below.


Department of Social Services, "Information Packet for Consumers & Families" Survey