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Nurturing Parenting 
Critical Support

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Julie Hatzell, Trauma Recovery & Education Coordinator

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The Nurturing Parenting Critical Support program is designed to provide individualized education and support to parents/guardians of children ages 0-18 who are referred through the Department of Social Services Child Protective Services.

Parents work with a Family Educator who will guide their participation in the program. An initial consultation includes a strengths and needs assessment to identify goals and objectives for the family. The Family Educator conducts private one-on-one sessions to assist parents with meeting their goals and offering support when challenges arise. The number of sessions are limited by the referring agency.

The Family Educator provides support based on the unique and individualized needs of each family, including: assisting with identifying sources of stress and creating a plan to improve self-care and coping methods.  It may also involve education for dealing with emotions, trauma, and personal growth. 

The Family Educator may provide coaching and modeling techniques for effective communication, positive discipline, and establishing structure and consistency within the family.  The parents may be asked to complete homework assignments to practice specific skills and techniques, and may receive handouts and resources to assist with parenting education and support.