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Mary McElwain,
Coordinator, ext. 849

Bob Battistoni,
Program Services Manager, ext. 879



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Adults for
Learning and growing,
Integration in the community,
Vocations of choice,
Enthusiasm for life

ALIVE provides training and support for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Trained staff and a supportive group environment enable participants to hold paying jobs, become involved in community activities, use community resources, increase independent living skills and develop self-advocacy. ALIVE is committed to helping people live productive and enriching lives.

The best way to understand what the ALIVE program is all about is to watch the video presentation below. Watch and share this amazing perspective of being


A.L.I.V.E. Presentation


What We Teach

For those who want to be employed in the community.

• Job interest/skills assessment
• Applying for jobs
• On-the-job training
• Continued support
• Job skills/self employment

One-on-one support for those who live independently including:

• Cooking & cleaning
• Money management
• Home safety
• Relationships & sex education

Our day service program provides educational classes in a group setting either at our site or in the community.

• Self-Advocacy
• Housing search
• Volunteer activities
• Recreational outings
• Health & exercise programs
• Bike & pedestrian safety
• Public Transit
• Community access and trips to the library, post office, banks, college, and local stores.