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Trauma Recovery & Education

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Julie Hatzell,
Coordinator, ext. 844

PRS' Trauma Recovery & Education program provides trauma recovery treatment to individuals suffering the effects of trauma in their lives. 

Individualized treatment sessions are offered to those who have suffered a trauma, whether in the recent or distant past, and who suffer from its lasting effects.

Unaddressed trauma can fuel:

  • Hypervigilance
  • Emotional Reactivity
  • Sensory Overstimulation
  • Poor Sleep Patterns & Bad Dreams
  • Eating Disorders
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction
  • Struggles with Intimacy & Affection
  • And more...

If you or someone you love suffers from any of the above or other symptoms related to trauma, PRS' trauma recovery treatment can help!


What This Service Provides

This service helps individuals to address their past trauma, understand the role it plays in their current life experience, and know how to spot, interrupt and change problematic mindsets and behaviors rooted in that trauma.

Working one-on-one, the Trauma Recovery Practitioner will help you heal your past trauma through techniques such as:

  • Awareness of body, thought, sensory experience, and emotions
  • Mindfulness
  • Expressive art
  • Exploration of how you experience, process, and react to mental, emotional and physical triggers

You will learn to identify your personal thresholds for various external and internal stimuli and become aware of your own physical, mental and emotional responses in order to stop and/or change your reactions before they become problematic.

This service accepts private payments, cash or credit card; no insurance billing is available. Call or text Julie Hatzell (530-927-5873) to see if Trauma Recovery Treatment is right for you and/or to schedule an appointment. Treatment is provided at PRS’ Business Office in Quincy and can be arranged in Chester, Greenville or Portola as well. Services are also available via remote, online access.


Education & Training

PRS’ Trauma Recovery Practitioner provides training and workshops on trauma-informed services throughout Northern California, though delivery in other regions can be arranged.

Trainings cover topics that may include:

  • What is trauma, types of trauma, & typical early childhood traumas (ACES)
  • How trauma affects the brain and behavior
  • What trauma looks like in children and in adults
  • How trauma impacts learning, relationships and other daily activities
  • Tools to create trauma-informed services
  • Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and the necessity of self-care

Trainings specific to the following areas are already developed: trauma-informed schools, parenting, customer service, and trauma in the office (working with clients who have experienced trauma). Training can be developed or tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Julie Hatzell is a Starr Global Learning Network Trainer.

PRS’ Trauma Recovery Practitioner, Julie Hatzell, is an Advanced Certified Trauma Practitioner. She is Certified in Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapy and is an Art for Healing Certified Instructor. She has experience as a paraprofessional counselor in the fields of parenting (5 years, including home-based critical intervention), domestic violence (6 years), substance use/abuse and addiction recovery (30+ years), and other life skills.