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Based Stress Reduction

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Leslie Wall, Coordinator

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The 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course is appropriate for anyone wanting to explore mindfulness and its potential benefits in their lives. 

The live video classes are designed to introduce mindfulness through a variety of practices, practical tips, exercises, and resources.

The topics include:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Be Right Where You Are
  • Our Storytelling Minds
  • Cultivating Kindness 
  • Willingness to Be with Things as They Are
  • Finding Compassion Within
  • Enhancing Resilience
  • Moving Forward

In addition to the above topics, private coaching sessions can address personal stress management, guidance with developing a daily practice, and individualized assistance with personal challenges. For more information contact the Mindful Living Coordinator, Leslie Wall at 530-283-3611 (voice/text) or lwall@plumasruralservices.org

Private One-on-One

Click the button below to register for private sessions. You will be contacted to schedule the dates and times.

The cost is $85 per session

Group Class

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The cost is $200 for this class.