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Mindful Co-Parenting

Mindful Co-Parenting

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The 7-week Mindful Co-Parenting class is designed to provide concrete support to parents who have separated, yet are parenting their children together.

The course identifies the effects of broken relationships on both adults and children and the importance of developing a workable written Co-Parenting Plan that addresses the required components of time sharing, child exchanges, and communication.

The live video classes offer multimedia presentations, worksheets and resources, and open discussions to provide support, encouragement and guidance in navigating the development of a successful co-parenting relationship.

$200 per participant due and payable at the start of the 7-week class.

*Private one-on-one $68 per session

The topics include:

  • Foundational Agreements
  • Personality & Emotions
  • From a Child’s Perspective
  • Relationship Building
  • Timesharing
  • Developing a Co-Parenting Plan
  • Focusing Forward

In addition to the above topics, private coaching sessions can address stress management, guidance with personal parenting challenges, and individualized support. For more information contact the Mindful Living Coordinator, Leslie Wall, at 530-283-3611 (voice/text) or lwall@plumasruralservices.org 

Private One-on-One

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The cost is $68 per session

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The cost is $200 for the class.