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Batterer's Intervention & Anger Management

Classes will be held virtually on Zoom. Some of the topics to be covered will include; Understanding triggers and reactions to day-to-day events, conflict resolution skills, and ways to reduce stress.

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Angela Hauner,
Coordinator, ext. 817

Michelle Ridley,
Program Facilitator, ext. 890 


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Plumas Rural Services offers a Batterer’s Intervention program and an Anger Management program that uses the Alternative Behavioral Choices model developed by John Hamel to approach becoming non-violent in relationships. Batterers Intervention is a 52 week course, anger management can be taken as an 8 week course or as a 16 week course. These courses teach participants skills to recognize and manage anger, learn non-violent communication and healthy coping skills for stress.

Group Objectives

  • Recognize the role of individual responsibility in changing “Maladaptive” behavior
  • Develop a working understanding of one’s own anger/stress patterns and response
  • Identify “situational triggers” that consistently result in angry responses and can lead to aggressive behavior
  • Eliminate or minimize negative behavior. Learn how to and when to use “timeouts” to
    prevent aggressive confrontations. Combine new coping skills to handle anger, stress, and
    other feelings.
  • Use communication skills and listening techniques effectively and gain a better
    understanding of how children in one’s family can be affected by parental
    communication techniques.
  • Become more aware of one’s stress and anger.
  • Develop the capacity to sense the mood of persons whom he or she must interact.
  • Increase skills in emotional intelligence including self-awareness, self-control; social
    awareness and relationship management.
  • Learn to find oneself accountable for their own actions. 

Class Schedule

Men Tuesdays 11:30am - 1:30pm and 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Women Wednesdays 5:30pm - 7:30pm


Batterers Intervention Cost 52 weeks

Batterers Intervention cost runs on a sliding fee schedule. The cost of the program is individually based by the income of participant. Payments can range $25-$45 per week.


Sliding Fee Income Levels

1st group $0-$1049 fee $25
2nd group $1050-$1349 fee $35
3rd group $1350- up fee $45

Other Fees

Intake and assessment fee $65
Workbook fee $25
Unexcused absence fee $45
Exit assessment fee $65

*court appearance fees assessed if needed

Anger Management Cost

8 weeks $375
16 weeks $750