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Firewood and Heating Assistance

Apr 2022

We have a few dozen cords of dry, seasoned almond wood on hand and we’re doing deliveries of truckloads of it now. Anyone in need of firewood can either fill out an online heating assistance application, come in and fill out an application, or give Penney our heating assistance manager a call or text at (530) 282-7000.
Thank-you to all Dixie Fire Collaborative members involved for ensuring that anyone that is struggling to find wood to heat their home can get a delivery.
Thanks to Jack Montgomery and Lake Almanor Community Church for finding 64+ cords of wood, for arranging transportation, and for purchasing the wood through a grant from The Almanor Foundation.
Thanks to Sierra Institute for Community and Environment, Indian Valley Strong, SAYlove nonprofit and Jeff Stephens for the generous donations used to purchase firewood from several local cutters in Indian Valley for the past couple of months.
Thanks to J & C Enterprises, Firewood, Logging, Vehicle and Equipment Sales for the free storage space and for helping people in need with a stockpile of discounted longer term local firewood.
Thank-you to Pastor Josh Hendrix of Indian Valley Christian Fellowship for sharing and delivering firewood to our clients with emergency heating assistance needs.
Thanks to Mark Swaim of Isaiah 68 Crew for picking up loads in Chico and unloading.
Thanks to Kevin Cox of Hope Crisis Response Network for guiding us with your experience, for deliveries of firewood, and for offering your equipment.
Thanks to Susan Bryner of Almanor Foundation and John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association for fast coordination of deliveries of composite firewood when the temperature dropped, we were hit with storms, and our cutters could not get out and cut wood for people in need.
Thanks to District 2 Supervisor Kevin Goss for helping coordinate transportation of deliveries through county resources.
To contribute to the fund that purchased the almond wood here’s a link to Almanor Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund Drive:
Click below to fill out our ONLINE HEATING ASSISTANCE APPLICATION. If you or someone you know has emergency heating assistance needs for systems that use other sources of fuel please let us know.