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Dixie Fire Disaster Case Management Programs Train Together

Plumas Rural Services (PRS) and Northern Valley Catholic Social Service (NVCSS) are the two agencies providing FEMA-funded Disaster Case Management services for the Dixie Fire. The agencies held their first combined meeting as a full Disaster Case Management Program (DCMP) on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at the Plumas Bank building in Greenville.

The DCMP agencies met with Tyler Pew and Lindsey Buis-Kelley to discuss the rebuild process, helping survivors move through the process, and discussing questions and concerns. In the afternoon, DCMP staff were trained on the Simple Unmet Needs process which will help survivors enrolled in case management services to access recovery funding for needs under $10,000.

Disaster Case Management services are designed to be used by any Dixie Fire survivor. It is not a social service program, but rather a program for support and advocacy as well as connection to resources.

For more information about DCMP services, call 833-775-3267.

Pictured, from left to right:

Back Row – Lexi Treumer, Patricia Elliott, Erica Amaya, Corla Bertrand, Nancy Presser, Natalie Hill, Kevin Naylor, Garnette Moore, Michaela Trammel, Alisha Wilson, Paula Johnston, Tyler Pew, Irshad Stolden

Middle Row – Stacy Crook, Priscilla Rincon, Monica Corona, Misty Eckels, Joan Carter, Gabrielle Beck, Bridgett Bustamante

Front Row – Alyssa Yount, Sendi Barrett, Lori Torres, Gabriella Revoir, Angela Brown, Adam Toler