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Mindful Movement

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Leslie Wall, Coordinator

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This private one-on-one course is designed to support and expand on the foundational practices and techniques that were covered in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course.

Emerging research suggests several important benefits of slow, mindful movement practices including:

  • REGULATION – Emotional, Metabolic, Nervous System, Immune System, Pain Response System, and Body Temperature
  • OVERALL WELLNESS – Improve Energy/Reduce Fatigue, Adapt to Stressors and Build Resilience, Release and Heal Trauma Energy

The course will introduce strategies for developing a personalized daily practice that combines mindful meditations, body awareness, and breathing techniques with slow movement and stretching.

Weekly, one-hour sessions are customized to meet you where you are in your healing journey. Movements can be adapted for most physical abilities.



Private One-on-One

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The cost is $80 per session