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Domestic Violence Services

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Message to Survivors and Other Community Members about COVID-19

To Our Community -

While there are many unknowns right now due to COVID-19, Plumas Rural Services Domestic Violence Services wants you to know that we are still here for survivors. We are monitoring recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the California Department of Public Health, and the Governor’s Office, and making decisions that are grounded in preserving the health and safety of survivors, staff, and the community at large. With this in mind, we are practicing social distancing and are limiting our in-person services to matters of the need for immediate safety.

Our local number is (530)-283-5675. The local crisis line phone number is (877)-757-0029. Domestic violence advocacy and counseling services are available via phone or video chat.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline number is (800) 799-7233 and is available 24/7.

During this time of social distancing and self-quarantine, more than ever survivors will be isolated. Being confined to a home that is not safe can lead to escalations of abuse and removes tools of survival such as being able to leave the house to escape or de-escalate abuse.

Please take care of yourselves and each other, and give us a call if we can help. 


Chrysalis is returning December 7th.

Chrysalis started in 2013 as a women’s life coaching program focused on those who had transitioned out of abusive relationships – women who were out of crisis and life became more stable. It was a chance for them to think about the future and set some positive goals for a healthier life and build on their strengths.



About Our Program

Domestic Violence Services serves Plumas and Sierra Counties. The main office is located at 711 Main St., Quincy.

Domestic Violence Services offers a safe shelter in a confidential location to victims and their children who are escaping an abusive relationship and lifestyle. Our service can provide emergency food, clothing and transportation.

Domestic Violence Services offers counseling for victims and children, legal assistance with restraining orders, court accompaniment, assistance in housing and employment searches.


You Are Not Alone

PRS Domestic Violence staff can be reached at 530-283-5675, Monday through Friday (except holidays). If you are concerned about domestic violence and you need to chat or would like more information you can email us anytime at dvs@plumasruralservices.org.

If you are in need of assistance with a domestic violence emergency, please call 911 immediately. Further after-hours assistance can be found by contacting the National Hotline number at 1 (800) 799-7233.


Living With Domestic Abuse?

Be mindful that it is not your fault. You and yours deserve a life free of emotional, psychological, financial and physical abuse. Please understand that your abuser will become more abusive and possibly more violent over time. You cannot change him/her. You can only change yourself. Create a code word and share this word with a neighbor, family member or trusted friend so that if you are at risk, they can call 911. Create an escape plan for you and your children. Create a safety plan.

What are the steps you need to take to stay safe?

  • Put important documents, such as birth certificates, medical cards, medications, and personal essentials in an overnight bag and keep it in a safe place.
  • Teach your children the code word and how to use the phone to call 911.

Need further guidance?

We offer confidential services such as safety planning, counseling, referrals, restraining orders and emergency “temporary” safe shelter.


What Is A Safety Plan?

A safety plan is a set of actions that can help lower your risk of being hurt by your partner. It includes information specific to you and your life that will increase your safety at school, home, and other places that you go on a daily basis.

The loveisrespect.org website has an interactive guide for preparing your safety plan. 

Interested In Making A Donation?

Domestic violence can lead to the loss of home and personal possessions. Oftentimes, when survivors leave a domestic violence situation, they have had to leave everything behind.  Basic commodities that we sometimes take for granted are no longer accessible.  Needs for their children and pets are abandoned, and money is more often than not limited or non-existent. By donating new or gently used items such as bedding, towel sets, personal hygiene items, or household essentials to our local shelter, you can help to meet the basic needs of survivors and their families as they come into and go out of the shelter.

Donations can also be made by shopping our Amazon PRS DV Services Survivor Support Wish List.

Items purchased from our Idea List ship directly to PRS and the survivors we support. Not only is it easy to donate, it's tax deductible too. To ensure items you purchase for DV survivors ship correctly, please select "Plumas Rural Services" as the shipping address when you go to checkout.