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Since 2008, Girl’s Rite has provided a safe meeting place and a wide variety of activities for Plumas County teen girls, age 11-18, throughout the year. 

Based in Quincy, the program helps girls build connections with themselves, their peers, women in the community, and the surrounding forests of this area. Grounded in research on girls’ development, Girl’s Rite provides an all-girl space that supports girls’ capacity for self-confidence; physical and emotional resiliency; healthy relationships; and regular physical activity.

Girl’s Rite encourages and inspires adolescent girls to:

  • build and sustain trusting relationships;
  • find passion and purpose in life;
  • establish positive, non-violent communication techniques;
  • creatively solve problems;
  • cultivate leadership skills; and
  • strengthen family, peer group, community, and environmental connections.

Participants pursue these strength-based goals through facilitated group mentoring sessions, outdoor recreational activities, and dedicated family bonding time.


What We Offers At Girl's Rite

According to a 2011 study in the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning,

“all-girls programs create a space for adolescent girls to feel safe, increase their connection with others, and provide freedom from stereotypes.”

Furthermore, outdoor experiences for teens result in enhanced self-esteem, self-confidence, independence, autonomy and initiative, with positive results persisting for years. Throughout the school year, Girl’s Rite meets with participants bi-weekly for two hours afterschool and monthly on a Friday for a longer activity. The summer program meets weekly for a full-day trip to someplace in the region that offers hiking and other outdoor recreation opportunities, culminating in a 3-day, campout.

The program also offers some special trips throughout the year, including youth conferences such as REACH For the Future or community events on weekends. The program is always in need of female volunteers; specifically, Girl’s Rite would like local women to come to a session and share their personal stories, professional endeavors, and skills or hobbies.

Click here, girlsrite@plumasruralservices.org if you’re interested in volunteering with Girl’s Rite.